Reliable and safe temporary wellbore isolation 

The Halliburton Intercept retrievable bridge plug is a gas-tight, well-suspension plug ideal for dual-barrier applications and designed to handle a wide range of well conditions. The plug meets the industry regulatory requirement of having an API 11D1/ISO 14310 grade V0-qualified well barrier for wellbore isolation, helping you to maximize well control and reduce environmental hazards.   

The Intercept plug is unique because it does not require hang weight below to set, and can handle significant pipe weight below, saving you trip time and costs, and increasing safety. 


Temperature rating


Psi pressure rating


Tensile load (lbs)

0 lb

Hang weight

Deep Water

Integrated wellbore solution saves North Sea operator $75,000 USD

Equinor saves 3 hours rig time with Intercept retrievable bridge plug and CleanWell® Technology combination. 


Designed to work in tough environments 

Reliable in environments ranging from inland waters to ultra-deepwater, the Intercept retrievable bridge plug sets with simple workstring operation. It consists of packer-type sealing elements, bi-directional mechanical slips, and a ball valve, which can be opened and closed without pipe rotation. It requires no hang weight to set, eliminating the time to deploy drillpipe beforehand.  


  • ISO 14310 and API 11D1 V0 qualified 
  • Quick and easy operating procedure
  • Requires no left-hand rotation
  • Requires no tripping tailpipe, reducing rig time and cost 
Intercept retrievable bridge plug, with API 11D1, V0 grade rating
Intercept retrievable bridge plug, with API 11D1, V0 grade rating

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