See how PixStar provides greater visibility 

The PixStar ultrasonic imaging service provides high resolution images in oil- and water-based muds, showing fractures, geological features, and more. 


SPWLA Petrophysics Journal / January 2020

New technology provides imaging in oil- and water-based muds

PixStar is a logging-while-drilling technology that provides high-resolution images, regardless of the mud type used. 


Kuwait / April 2020

Ultrasonic images identify breakout and bed boundaries

Kuwait Oil Company used PixStar technology to identify bed boundaries and borehole breakout in a 6-inch wellbore.

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Middle East / November 2019

Operator identifies fractures, optimizes completion design

PixStar imaging identified 255 reservoir features, including 126 bed boundaries, 63 fractures, 50 breakouts, and 16 high-angle features.

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Ultrasonic transducers


Angle increments around circumference


Pulses per second


Texas / December 2019

High-resolution images for real-time wellbore stability

High-resolution imaging enabled borehole condition monitoring while drilling and identified zones of borehole enlargement. 

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Make better drilling decisions. Identify fractures. Optimize your completion.
Make better drilling decisions. Identify fractures. Optimize your completion.

Enable better wellbore coverage 

The PixStar high-resolution ultrasonic imaging service takes high-quality images in oil- and water-based mud, giving operators the information to make informed drilling decisions in real time. The logging-while-drilling (LWD) service measures borehole sizes and shapes, showing fractures, faults, and more.

  • High-resolution images identify fractures, faults, and geological features to help optimize frac programs and maximize production
  • Real-time evaluation of borehole size and shape for understanding wellbore stability and accurate cement volume calculations
  • Identification of borehole degradation over time avoids costly well stability issues
  • Optimized high-resolution images based on hole size and ROP/RPM parameters
  • High-resolution images for high-angle or challenging wells remove the need for separate wireline run
  • Analysis of borehole size and shape allowing improved packer placement and optimization of overall completions design

Texas/December 2019

Imaging shows fractures and features in high-angle well

PixStar imaging showed fractures and bed boundaries in a near-horizontal wellbore, removing the need for separate wireline run. 

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