Access a single unified cloud solution for CO2 storage modeling that provides an evergreen view of the carbon storage lifecycle to support a multi-year journey to create a lower-carbon future.

Experience a suite of industry-validated tools and workflows customized for effective CO2 modeling. Strategize and implement safe CO2 storage projects on any scale, across any time span with comprehensive capacity and containment feasibility insights and in-depth risk assessment.

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Many challenges, one quest

Adopt a single and open solution for efficient carbon storage lifecycle management.

Create a lower-carbon future

Enhance capacity, injectivity, and containment models with precision at any scale.

More insight. Less uncertainty

Sustain an evergreen storage model for a sustainable future.

Many Challenges, One Quest

Keep It Simple

A complete suite of workflows that can help optimize lifecycle efficiency across all phases of CO2 storage.

Create a Lower Carbon Future


Evaluate long term containment potential accurately using intelligent screening and rapid assessment.

More Insight. Less Uncertainty

Dynamic Approach

Update CO2 storage models over the duration of the entire project.

CO2 Specific

Industry-validated tools customized for CO2 applications provide cohesive workflows that span the entire lifecycle.


Unique simulators provide high resolution models, with fast run times that cater for modeling scales from regional storage sites to wellbore.

Confident decisions

Address leading challenges and questions associated with CO2 storage and modeling, from where, to how.

Reduce uncertainty

Protect and retain legacy data and knowledge to reduce uncertainty while modeling the subsurface.


Follow industry recognized CO2 storage assessment workflows or create unique CO2 storage workflows to meet specific needs.

Safe and sustainable

Integrate monitoring and flow tracking data to assess long term integrity of the reservoir.


CO2 Storage Features

Permedia® CO2

Permedia® CO2

Integrated suite of high-resolution modeling tools for CO2 storage exploration, monitoring and prediction. The software addresses key aspects of CO2 storage workflows: formation storage prospecting, capacity estimation, well injectivity, formation pressurization, plume trapping, and dissolved CO2 dispersal.

Geosciences Suite

Geosciences Suite

Combines innovative technology and tightly integrated, end-to-end suite of cross-domain workflows to increase subsurface understanding, reduce uncertainty around today’s most complex reservoirs and tackle future energy challenges.


NETool® CO2

NETool® CO2 software, part of the CO2 Well package, is a highly detailed wellbore and completion simulator for CO2 storage design. It offers a comprehensive set of functionalities across all phases of injectivity planning and operations - from injection well design to execution control.

Compositional Simulation

Models phase behavior in changing pressure – temperature conditions along the wellbore. Built–in component properties allows you to create complex EOS models.

Temperature and Pressure Along the Wellbore

Pressure and temperature are the important parameters to be modeled and monitored to maintain CO2 in the liquid phase while seeking to achieve high efficiency. The software gives you the flexibility to use measured tubing pressure and/or temperature data from sensors or generate them by modeling (set reservoir temperature and casing properties to obtain tubing temperature).

Vapor Quality Along the Wellbore

Tracking vapor quality along the wellbore allows you to predict and help prevent issues during the execution stages.

High Resolution

The run discretization can be up to few centimeters to provide detailed results.

Reservoir Properties from the Reservoir Simulation or Logs

The solution accepts data from different data sources.

Outflux Profile

The outflux injection profile along the wellbore provides a picture of the zones where COis injected, especially in horizontal wells.

Shape a sustainable future

Shape a sustainable future

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