Search provides enterprise capability and scale by empowering you to rapidly train pre-built models or create and deploy innovative ML (Machine Learning) solutions into operations to enhance subsurface, drilling and production workflows. It achieves this by overcoming industry challenges to design, develop, and deploy models at scale with unified DataOps, simpler MLOps and streamlined DevSecOps.


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The oil and gas industry produces a massive deluge of data across the entire E&P lifecycle; however, most companies have struggled to transform this data into actual business value. The key impediments have been dark and siloed data, scarcity of technical talent, lack of domain-centric AI and ML models, and stringent data security protocols. 


Faster sweet spot identification


Faster acoustic impedance prediction


Reduce interpretation time from weeks to hours


accuracy in predicting optimal ROP

Embrace Efficiency with Unified Data Catalog

Unlock the full potential of your data through seamless multi-database search, cross-domain data integration and best-in-class data management to fuel E&P innovation.   

A Single Unified View of Your Data  

A robust Enterprise Data Management helps connect to multiple databases via open source search engine for quick, easy access to most up to date information with built-in QC functions.

Complete & Comprehensive Insights 

Get the complete picture by converging data from third-party, cross-domain applications seamlessly with full-fledged OSDU® compliance.

Smarter Decisions with Multi-Domain Collaboration 

Drive process efficiency through multi-domain collaboration and access to data of known quality in real time to help maximize asset value. 

Extend & Scale Your AI Workflows  

Leverage advanced machine learning to produce known quality data that can be consumed by analytics platforms such as AWS SageMaker, Azure ML and P7. 

Drive Innovation with Smarter AI Models

Accelerate E&P operations with production ready, domain specific AI/ML models or create, train and manage custom models within DecisionSpace® 365 applications to solve unique challenges.

Faster Project Go Lives 

Leverage emerging technologies like AI, ML and automation to deploy new and innovative solutions faster across the entire oil well lifecycle. 

Increase Productivity with Advanced Automation 

Leverage automated model training, inference pipeline and supplement in-house domain models with external training algorithms to accelerate the deployment of customized ML solutions.  

Reduce Uncertainties with Explainable AI 

Mitigate risks and reduce uncertainties by accessing bias-free, explainable AI/ML models for accurate predictions,


Production Ready AI/ML Models


Success Rate in Field Deployment of Models


Data Science Projects Across E&P Lifecycle

Transform E&P Talent

Empower your workforce to build an agile, digital-first organization capable of adapting quickly to changing market scenarios. 

Transform Dark Data into Insights  

Rapidly develop the talent required to leverage emerging technologies in data science and digital to negate dark data challenges.

Quickly Adapt to Industry Dynamics 

Nurture an agile, digital-first workforce that can confidently navigate uncertainty and market fluctuations. 

Accelerate Technology Innovation 

Collaborate with Landmark and learn how AI/ML can enhance your exploration portfolio management to make tangible impact on the E&P business.


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Accelerate digital transformation with intelligent automation.

Accelerate digital transformation with intelligent automation.

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