Precise measurements for complex formations

Complex reservoirs require advanced solutions to optimize asset value. Our wireline openhole logging solutions leverage a combination of advanced sensors and workflows to provide a deeper understanding of the subsurface.

These solutions ensure that evaluations gather precise and accurate data and are deployed quickly and efficiently. We offer multiple options for smooth trips downhole and advanced modeling for optimal tool conveyance methods.

Borehole Imaging

StrataXaminer™ Imaging Service

StrataXaminer™ Imaging Service

The Halliburton StrataXaminer™ Imaging Service provides more accurate well data to better evaluate production potential and increase return on investment.

X-tended Range Micro Imaging (XRMI) Service

X-tended Range Micro Imaging (XRMI) Service

The XRMI provides high resolution formation images in conductive, water-based mud systems.


Nuclear Magnetic Resonance

XMR™: Best-in-Class Magnetic Resonance Logging

XMR™: Best-in-Class Magnetic Resonance Logging

XMR examines your reservoir’s smallest pores and characterizes formations using high-resolution, best-in-class magnetic resonance logging.


Formation Testing and Sampling

 CoreVault® Solution

CoreVault® Solution

The CoreVault™ solution keeps rock samples in a sealed container, so 100% of the fluid in the core sample will be preserved for analysis.


Conveyance and delivery solutions

Delivering tools has become more complex as wells trend deeper, hotter, and with more challenging trajectories. This results in increased sticking and higher operational risks.

Halliburton’s conveyance solutions are designed with this at top of mind. By providing safe, efficient, and predictable performance, operators can complete subsurface evaluations quickly and easily.


  • Ultrahigh-strength wireline cables support up to 23,000 pounds of logging tension
  • Can convey the largest tool strings over seven miles below the surface
  • Feature extreme crush resistance, making them ideal for deepwater wells


  • Using the Cerberus™ modeling system pre-drilling reduces risk and project costs
  • Plans tailored for each project’s unique challenges ensure smooth operations
  • Determines best tools for efficient deployment


  • Halliburton Releasable Wireline Cable Heads allow for the maximum pull force during multiconductor logging operations
  • The Lockjar® Multi-Conductor E-Line Hydraulic Jar ensures smooth tool delivery by freeing stuck tool strings
  • The Toolpusher™ Logging Service works when gravity isn’t enough, pushing through obstacles and sticking to deploy tools where they’re needed most


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