EquiSeal to solve horizontal water and gas shutoff 

EquiSeal conformance service is specifically designed to help control unwanted fluid production—water or gas—in horizontal or highly deviated wellbores. The stress-dependent rheological properties of EquiSeal provide rapid viscosity increase during injection, allowing precise placement of the system in the targeted area. EquiSeal service is applicable to different completion types—openhole, stand-alone screen, open- and cased-hole gravel pack, and others. Halliburton conformance portfolio can help operators maximize the efficiency and recovery of their assets. 

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Unique conformance sealant

Custom water and gas shutoff system for horizontal or highly deviated wellbores 


Advanced sealant technology 

EquiSeal conformance sealant is based on a proven polymer gel system combined with proprietary rheological modifiers. EquiSeal and EquiSeal NWB sealants use an organically crosslinked polymer system that provides unprecedented sealant capabilities for controlling unwanted fluid production.


  • Allows precise placement of the gel system in the targeted area due to its stress-dependent rheological properties
  • Applicable in a wide range of temperatures, from 140°F (60°C) to 250°F (121°C)
  • Resistant to H₂S, CO₂, and acid environments
  • Provides a predictable, controllable crosslinking reaction time from liquid to gel state for optimal placement
  • Can be tailored for deep penetration into the formation or to bridge off at the formation face

As with all our conformance services, EquiSeal services are backed by Halliburton reservoir-focused engineering and technology. 


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