Reduce risks to personnel and damage to the environment 

Halliburton Boots & Coots custom-engineered contingency plans are meticulously prepared prior to drilling. Our Emergency Response and Well Control Contingency Planning are preemptive services designed to reduce potential risks to personnel, equipment and damage to the environment and to ensure that everyone involved is prepared for any emergency.

Reduce potential safety and environmental risks through contingency planning.

Planning Services

The Well Control Contingency Plan (WCCP) is a custom-crafted response guide for one or more wells, supplementing the Emergency Response Plan (ERP) and is used in conjunction with the ERP and the Corporate Crisis Communication Plan.

  • The WCCP provides guidelines to assist in effectively managing the initial stages of a well control incident. The primary goal is to provide tools to enable an efficient, coordinated and effective response to a well control incident and to plan and execute appropriate response measures and actions necessary to regain control of a well blowout. 
  • The WCCP guides a first responder in the assessment of a blowout, promotes the efficient and coordinated response at the wellsite by establishing procedures that ensure the protection of personnel, assets and the environment, and establishes an organizational hierarchy and a recognized chain of command within an incident command structure. 
  • As an incident escalates so must the dynamic response; responders should continually evaluate the effectiveness of actions called for in this plan and make the appropriate adjustments to mitigate the incident most effectively, based on training and experience.


  • Seamlessly integrates with any corporate response team infrastructure and document control program.
  • Designed for maximum mobility and durability.
  • Includes all regulatory compliance requirements.
  • Provides current contact info for all external agencies, vendors and internal personnel.
  • Includes user friendly step-by-step checklists for responders to use as a guide during a response operation.
  • Outlines all the materials, equipment and personnel needed.
  • Provides instructions on how to transport materials, equipment and personnel to and from the incident scene.
  • Designed to allow options to be added upon request.