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MoMo Beijing #72 Fashion in Mobile Digital Age 2016-05-30
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Mobile Internet is subverting all of the industry. The impact of the mobile Internet in traditional industry is transforming the world. With living conditions improved and the new lifestyle, the people aspires after fashion. Mobile Internet enable fashion industry to develop new business model, and a large number of mobile fashion business have mushroomed. The fast development of mobile Internet push the tradition industry to a new dimension.
This time we invite young entrepreneurs of different types of start-ups of the fashion industry, such as Luxe.CO, a mobile fashion media platform; Dress+, computer vision search shopping engine; Youyiii, fashion clothes cloud sharing platform; Smoker, follow global fashion icon and internet sensation; MFD, the UGC online match for daily fashion . They will discuss fashion industry’s opportunities and challenges in the mobile Internet era.

Yan Yu    CEO&Founder
Luxe.CO is the most influential fashion business media in China on the Internet. MS Yu Yan has twenty years experience in multinational companies, cross-border financial,and media and fashion industry.
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Fashion in Mobile Digital Age      

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