Unlock reservoir potential

The EarthStar X near-bit, shallow, and ultra-deep resistivity service unlocks reservoir potential with near-bit, ultra-deep boundary mapping. The early detection of geological changes enables quick well trajectory corrections to remain in the most productive zones of even the most complex reservoirs, maximizing asset value. 

Proactive decisions with near-bit reservoir mapping

To geosteer, geostop, and geomap the geology accurately all around the wellbore the service uses ultra-deep azimuthal resistivity measurements and best-in-class inversion processing. Real-time visualization of numerous fluid and bed boundaries enables placing the well in the reservoir's most productive zone and increasing the section's net-to-gross value.

Industry's closest sensor-to-bit measurements

When run with the iCruise® rotary steerable system, the EarthStar X service reduces the sensor-to-bit distance to only 9 feet (3 meters) allowing the early detection of formation changes and proactive well path adjustments to avoid early exits. 


EarthStar X service

Enable accurate reserves evaluation to help place wells in the productive zone of even the most complex reservoirs.

EarthStar X service

Evaluate and characterize reserves early

The EarthStar X service offers detailed conventional resistivity readings that support in-depth petrophysical analysis of the reservoir. Near-bit resistivity measurements from 3 spacings, along with Rv and Rh in real-time enable early fluid characterization and improved evaluation of the reserves.

Reduce operational complexity and risks

The integrated resistivity approach eliminates the need for a separate propagation resistivity tool, minimizing thread connections and BHA length. Increased distance and time to adjust the well path reduces the likelihood of significant borehole tortuosity, which is critical to the completion's success.


  • Geomap, geosteer, and geostop
  • Map formation structures and fluid distributions in 3-dimensions
  • React earlier to unforeseen geological changes to stay within the productive zone

  • Acquire accurate near-bit formation resistivity for detailed formation and fluid characterization
  • Obtain formation anisotropy for improved reserves evaluation
  • Eliminate need for a conventional resistivity tool
  • Reduce BHA length and handling time


  • Industry’s shortest distance-to-bit ultra-deep resistivity sensor
  • Combined shallow and ultra-deep resistivity measurements
  • Adjustable ultra-deep depth of investigation
  • Optional integration into the iCruise RSS
  • Inversion of ultra-deep readings in 1- and/or 3-dimensions for reservoir visualization
  • Phase shift and attenuation resistivity from three spacings at two frequencies
  • Azimuthal resistivity image and geosignals
  • Real-time Rv, Rh, and relative dip at any hole angle

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