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Innovative on Wechat platform
Time:13:30, August 17, 2013
Address:Innovation Garden, Orange Labs       View map
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Yan LI   |   Founder   |   Weipass
Minghui PU   |   Co-founderf/CMO   |   zls265.com
Yizhou ZHU   |   Co-founder   |   Chumenwenwen
Xu TIAN   |   Senior Operation Manager   |   meilishuo.com
Peng Tang   |   CTO   |   Dachexiaomi

Topic:Innovative on Wechat platform

WeChat is no doubt the hottest smart phone app in China at present, and its user number is approaching to 400 million, with over 70 million users oversea. Today, with the processing of WeChat commercialization, it is not only a social mobile application, but become a platform which opened its API to third party developers. Any third party apps can integrate with WeChat, and enjoy the big WeChat user base for their potential growth. Meanwhile, WeChat will also connect the online to offline (O2O) by QR code, any brand/merchant can create their own WeChat public accounts, then using WeChat as CRM channels, and by leveraging HTML5 technology later, and also, e-commerce, and mobile gaming will all be integrated with WeChat soon. What’s more, Tencent is now in the process of integrating WeChat with TenPay (Tencent’s payment service). This is definitely a blue sea for mobile internet industry.

Could WeChat become a platform like Facebook that hatches successful stories like Zynga? How to monetize WeChat services as the payment solution will be in place soon? What are the limitations or risks? For existing businesses or organizations, does everyone need to develop a WeChat version? How to promote a brand by WeChat?

On Mobile Monday Beijing and Technod invite pioneers of Chinese developers to showcase their applications. Join us a panel of experts and discuss the opportunities and challenges on Wechat platform.


TIAN Xiaoyin | Co-Organizer, Mobile Monday Beijing / Orange Partner Program


· 13:00 - 13:30 Doors Open 入场

· 13:30 - 13:40 Opening Speeches

· 13:40 - 16:00 Keynote Speeches

· 16:00 - 16:40 Roundtables

· 16:40 - 17:00 Networking and Free Talk


• Attendance is limited to 100 participants due to the size of the venue.
• As we wish to keep Mobile Monday a pleasant experience, we won't accept non-registered participants from now on. Hence, we recommend to register early.
• This time, doors open at 13:00 and we start sharp at 13:30pm.

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